"Golden Moons Quest" Contest Rules: 

1. First, watch Full Moon's THE GINGERWEED MAN on Full Moon Features and look for the secret mystery catalog number hidden somewhere within the film (note that every Full Moon movie- starting with 1976's MANSION OF THE DOOMED (#1) right up to Full Moon's latest thriller, Ted Nicolaou's DON'T LET HER IN (#345) - is stamped with a chronologically listed ID number).


2. Visit FullMoonDirect.com and match that number with the corresponding secret title listed in the "Full Moon's Numbered List" category. 


3. Go back to www.FullMoonFeatures.com, watch that secret title and locate the 5 "Golden Moons"  (see picture at bottom of page below) that we've hidden inside the movie!  


4. Email Goldenmoons@fullmoonfeatures.com and tell us EXACTLY where the moons are, either by listing the time stamped locations OR taking  photos/screengrabs of the specific scenes and sending them to us.


 5. The winners of the "Golden Moon" 420 contest will be announced on 4/23/2021


That's your mission! Good luck and get to work!


Look for the moons!

Five Golden Moons appear in a Full Moon Feature that look exactly like the one pictured. Find them all and WIN!

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